In lieu of the cancelled 2020 Quakecon, this online gathering and quake tournament will raise funds for Direct COVID19 Relief

QuakeCoff 2020 The Holy Trinity

Help Our Cause

Your contributions will go directly to COVID-19 victims in need.

Your generous donation will also fund tournament participants in need of support who are playing their part in raising awareness for the relief.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

QuakeCOff 2020 - The Holy Trinity

June 4th - 6th, Online

This event will feature three games in the same tournament:

Quake 1, Quake 2, and Quake 3

1/2 of donation pool is given to charity: Direct Relief to International Humanitarian COVID-19 Relief Supplies

1/2 of donation pool is provided to top 8 finishers, promoting the cause

Additional Prizes:  $5,000.00

1st Place: $600.00, $3,000.00 contract, and the Holy Trinity Trophy

2nd Place: $400.00

3rd Place: $300.00

4th Place: $200.00

5th Place: $125.00

6th Place: $125.00

7th Place: $125.00

8th Place: $125.00

Note: 1st Place gets 1-year Esports sponsorship contract worth $3,000.00 

(terms require competition in upcoming Epic Games' Diabotical)

"Peace, Love, and Rockets"

Esports Statement from The Event Coordinator (UFC-style Promotion for Charity Demands The Truth)

People are getting 'fragged' IRL right now.

I lost some of my tribe to the coronavirus.

Usually Quake players play Quake in the summer to prepare for Quakecon.

But this year, Quakecon was On, then it was Off.  This is QuakeCoff.

You'll see what I mean below about Quake being 'Off' in general.

For charity purposes, however, let's consider it to imply Quake 'Cough'.

Let's frag out digitally and fight against COVID-19, for all victims.

But first, read about why I am hosting this personal Quake tournament.

Playing Quake was always my way of enjoying myself and even escaping,

albeit into perhaps a new world of freedom, adventurism, and competition.

In 1996 my brother deetew (Wast3d) bit me after I owned him in Quake.

It happened in the laundry room with a direct cable LAN connection.

My bro Kev! is good too - we get 'em rekt there, kids.  Now we ain't HPBs.

My homeslice KovaaK thinks he was good at QuakeWorld.  He whined!

In 2000-4, all he ever did was complain about how impossibly good I was.

I even gave him a shot in Quake 4 but he blew it (all times newbie).

He ditched competition ten years ago when it was certain he couldn't win.

He ran for the hills, and fiddled with his little aimbots.  Made a game of bots.

Ten years, and even his best Artificial Intelligence couldn't teach him to aim.

In 2005 I played PK in the first $1 million CPL World Tour finals by MTV.

Spaghetti spilled on my pants in Fatal1ty's basement due to a bad chair.

Dead broke, I discovered the crouch slide in Quake 4 and began backwards-crouch-sliding while beating Daler before most of you were even born.

My parents didn't support semi-pro gaming in 2006, so I joined the military.

I thank them for not supporting those pro-gaming endeavors to this day.

In 2006, I discovered a player, DaHanG, playing alone in a Quake 4 server.

He was fun to play with.  If he lost, he would immediately ready up again.

His play-for-fun attitude, yet with a conviction to win, was what I shared.

Prior to deploying, he accepted my esports sponsorship which led to $1500.

I sent him to his first LAN events against the best advice of his mother.

A review of emails reminded me it was months of phone convos and practice

to build his confidence against his inclination to throw in the towel.

It wasn't long until he realized that he could beat the fear-inducing 'pros'.

And that was when I knew what he had done with his own merit.

With some organized assistance he was able to enter the life of a pro gamer.

No esports historian would know the details of how it all evolved inside,

and how much greater of a life risk it was to go pro back then.

So, who will win this tournament on June 4-6 and become sponsored?

Who will be like DaHanG and take the necessary steps to go pro?

In 2015 I hosted a Reflex tournament called "A Tribute to Arena FPS".

The tournament was high payout, and featured all old Quake/UT maps.

A game with no anti-cheat, I scanned for cheats by requiring live streams.

Casted by yours truly, KovaaK,  the grand finals was myself vs Vo0.

The tournament was online in an unsecured game.  I secured it.

The QuakeCoff 2020 will be an event with the highest standards.

Vo0 enjoyed his prize, PayPal'd within minutes of tournament completion.

A proven track record of payouts in all events, and a proven track record of tournament operational commitment, we will ensure all prizes are paid immediately, and donations are paid immediately to Direct Relief.

We document legally and publicly the immediate payments to the charity.

This speed and accuracy is required to get PPE gear quickly to personnel.

Back to Quake, my boy ZeRo4 used to be more bold in QWCA with his LG.

He was good in LG/rocket combos with guys like Brute-, R2, and FienD.

But, now his movement, LG, and rail suck.  It's why he turned silent for good.

In 2016 I put ZeRo4 into retirement; gave him his last Quakecon loss.

He was manhandled in-game after chatting in server that he was no Thresh.

Although I would not have been able to accept the job position,

preoccupied as I am with my requirements of embodying U.S. air supremacy,

I was stunned to see Willits and co pick him over me as esports coordinator.  

In 2017 I formed an elite Quake Champions Sacrifice team called Top Gun.

After regionals, I stood up against the plague of narcotic use by other teams

who gained edge during official LAN events; violating tournament integrity.

Narcotics have been a hidden plague in international esports for a long time.

As Tupac would say, Still I see no changes.

Provided that my daily physical demands in a major seat of responsibility

preclude me from gaming more than an hour or two per month,

I am able to move/aim better than lifers and the 'pros', and even some bums.

It was the setbacks like the ones described above, though, that allowed me to be most thankful I chose a path of my time in service, TACAIR, and educational opportunities, having earned 2 B.S., 2 M.S., and a Ph.D.

It feels good to step in with 10% the practice and beat people at their game.

Given that I have a family, too, yeah: all of this already implies too much.

I know CZM too had wondered what life would be like as a 'pro' gamer.

He too was dabbling in Reflex, as well as the closed beta of what's coming...

There is a coming-home game that was inspired by the first three Quakes...

The reason why The Holy Trinity fit perfectly for this esports event...

A new game that has learned from all prior AFPS esports setbacks...

It's why I put all of my eggs into the future esports egg basket of Diabotical.

This is the reason why the $3k sponsorship will be for that prestigious game.

Quake was on.  Quake is turning off.  This is the tribute to Quake.

And the mark of a new beginning on the AFPS esports path of Diabotical.

Let's hear a 'QuakeCoff 2020.'

Whether it is playing DOOM 3 at a LAN with a heavy CRT monitor at 60 hz,

playing Quake Champions at a LAN with a sleek LCD monitor at 240hz,

playing alone to y'all's three quake followers on the modern,

or playing in a bigger online COVID-19 relief charity tournament,

don't let a scared ego prevent you from competing to give to a good cause.

Back in the day, we had to compete in sometimes three games at once

because we did not know which trajectory esports would take.

So have some fun and install ezquake, q2pro, and quake live.

These are the modern, playable clients that are equal to Quakes 1, 2, and 3.

Try to switch between them.  You'll have to do that in the tournament.

This competition will be the never-before-seen merger of all three.

You don't even have to risk viral infection by flying anywhere, or driving.

Let's hear a 'QuakeCoff 2020.'

And regardless of your path in your life, this event helps others.

If you don't go full pro, semi-pro, or amateur, you can still game as a hobby.

In hobby, I competed in the highest variety of games at Quakecon in history.

I am the current multi-game quake champion: two belts at Quakecon 2019.

As Dr. Dre would say, Who you think brought you the oldies

the DaHanGs, GlockZ, Deathr0ws, Pits, and other Gs

And the group that said motherF--- those 'pros',  please.

I am Quake Reincarnate, especially in any aircraft worth > $50M.

I fly tactical; real quick.  (through them clouds)

A dominant competitor like Michael Jordan and Tom Brady attached via hip.

The hybrid of Captain America and Tony Stark.

So, what's the problem with QuakeCoff 2020 - The Holy Trinity?

It is that you have to come through me to get through to the top.

All while doing responsible human being things, IRL.

This will be the final historical competition for the truest of Quake players.

Can you win?  Will you charitably give back to pandemic victims in need?

Or will you support young esports AFPS players who aspire to go pro,

and whose jobs have been impacted so tremendously by the coronavirus?

Donate and play some Quake.  In spirit, we fight against COVID-19.

Let's go.


Play Quake against COVID-19